What Makes Us Special

Established in 1994, Mountain Top School provides the children of Somerset County the tools they need for academic success through its unique community-based approach to learning. By forming a team between student, faculty and family, each Mountain Top student cultivates the skills they need to become an independent, creative, intelligent and social child. Guided by an age-appropriate curriculum that appreciates the vital balance of play versus academic lessons, Mountain Top graduates are well prepared for kindergarten. We welcome your family and children ages six weeks through five years to become part of our Mountain Top community.

Mountain Top School is part of Temple Har Shalom, a private, not-for profit organization. We embrace and support all families regardless of religion or ethnicity to our community to promote a multicultural environment.

Super Staff

Our Mountain Top faculty is dedicated, nurturing and experienced.  Students and parents alike enjoy a special relationship with each child’s lead and assistant teacher.

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Fantastic Facilities

Within the secure school wing, all students enjoy a dedicated room for each class.  A private playground and indoor gym provide plenty of space for imaginative play and children are given free time in these spaces as part of their daily curriculum.

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The community at Mountain Top is one of the reasons why our parents form bonds and students make friends for life. Teachers, parents and students alike all contribute to the family-friendly atmosphere at our school.

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