“My daughter just completed her first year at Mountain Top and loved every moment of it. She cannot wait to go back again in the Fall. I feel comforted knowing that she is happy and in a safe and fun place while I am at work.”
Laura, working parent

“In addition to my son being more than prepared for kindergarten and making excellent friends at Mountain Top, my entire family was welcomed into the community.  When my son started at Mountain Top we had just moved here, and we very quickly made friends who I am sure we will be friends with forever!”
Meredith, transfer parent

“I am excited for kindergarten at my new school but I’m sad because I will have to make new friends.  It’s okay though, I can have playdates with all my Mountain Top friends on the weekends.”
Lincoln, entering kindergarten

“The school is great because of the enthusiasm of all the families. They help us to make a wonderful environment for the children to learn and experience all the great things that Mountain Top has to offer.”
Pat, Head Teacher for 20 years

“My kids attended Mountain Top School from the age of one in Mommy and Me class, all the way through graduation at age 5 from Mountain Top School, and were well prepared both academically and socially for the public school system. The teachers are all warm, nurturing and playful, and my kids loved them. I couldn’t be happier with my family’s experience at Mountain Top.”
Sarah, parent of two graduates and one current student

“My kids are happy and learning, my wife and I have made great friends, the THS community is warm and welcoming – I couldn’t ask for anything more in my children’s preschool environment.”
Marc, parent of one graduate and one current student

“Working at Mountain Top Preschool has been such a wonderful experience, loving teachers, kind parents, and very special children. All together creating our very special Mountain Top family!”
Linda, Head Teacher

“Families enjoy many opportunities to be in the classroom with their children. I love seeing them thrive and taking part in their school experience together.”
Robin, parent of two students and temple member