Fantastic Facilities

Classrooms & Play Spaces

Each Classroom at Mountain Top is professionally prepared by teachers to enhance social interaction and exploration.  All classes have a private room decorated with art-work and current lessons, creating a home-base while at school.  Specialized stations within the room encourage children to explore different interests and can include: dramatic play, sensory tables, library nook, building materials, science exploration and more.


Private Outdoor Playground

We have a beautiful, private playground area and students are brought outdoors for free time every day. On rain/snow days children enjoy the indoor gymnasium complete with bikes, scooters, balancing and climbing equipment.


Mountain Top School resides within Temple Har Shalom and enjoys its own locked and private section of the facility.

Mountain Top School is committed to the safety of its students, parents and staff.  The school is maintained by a professional janitorial staff and classrooms are cleaned on a regular basis.  We are proud of the state of the art security system and emergency procedures in place at our school.

  • Cameras allow us to view multiple locations both inside and outside the building.
  • The school wing is locked at all times.
  • An additional security door separates the main building area from the school wing.
  • Visitors and those without electronic access need to be identified before entering the building.
  • We offer a car-to-school door drop off and pick up service.
  • Our school faculty and staff are certified in CPR and AED on a regular basis.
  • Emergency evacuation simulations and fire drills are conducted on a regular basis.
  • We work closely with local law enforcement officers and security specialists to review and enhance our facility and procedures.
  • Our students are never left unattended and we have a low student to teacher ratio.
  • Our outdoor playground is enclosed and private.
  • Friendly office staff is available to assist you at all times when school is in session.

Food Service

Mountain Top School is an allergy aware facility and provides all students with a morning snack and, if applicable, an afternoon snack before enrichment class.

Lunches may be packed or provided by a hot-lunch option Monday-Friday. Mountain Top partners with your favorite area restaurants for a daily delivery of a pre-selected meal. We offer healthy and interesting options for even the pickiest eaters!