Books, Books and More!

One of the new programs we have implemented this year is in partnership with the Warren Township Library.  Each month our Blue Fish & Red Apple classes get a visit from one of the wonderful librarians from the Children’s Depart at the Warren Township Library.   During these visits, the librarians bring developmentally appropriate and seasonally appropriate books, music and activities for our classes to engage in.  The children get to participate in interactive storytelling, dancing and movement activities.  The librarians also bring a variety of books for our students to “borrow” throughout the month and bring home to read with their families.  The children are learning how to use a library card (made specially for Mountain Top only!), how to care for books, they are learning how to be responsible for these books and to remember to return them back on a specific day.warren-librarian-2

Libraries play an important role in early emergent literacy skills by providing children with more opportunities to develop pre-reading skills, provide an increased amount of time reading and exploring books.  Parents also have more opportunities to become involved with their children’s reading by being an active presence during reading times.  Visiting libraries exposes children to a wider variety of books and magazines than families may not be able afford to have at home. Librarians are a wealth of knowledge and can recommend books and magazines for children that you as their parent may not be aware of.  Library time is active time NOT passive time!  Children who have their own library card are being taught how to be responsible for items shared among a community.