Process Art in the Making

In a world inundated with products and pre-fabricated items, it’s nice to take a step back to a simpler approach

Gone are the days where teachers spent hours cutting and prepping the most perfect pre-cut school buses.  Children learn best by utilizing their senses. . Children need the opportunity to explore on their own; using their senses to learn and understand the process is more important than the product. Children will get messy, they will laugh and they will have fun! They will not sit all together and create identical projects. Projects may take days or weeks to complete and when the projects do come home, your children will be able to tell every detail that went into making that project!

As we start this new school year with our youngest learners, it is our responsibility to teach the next generation that the journey is sometimes more important the destination. We, as educators have the responsibility to prepare the next generation how to think outside the box, how to fail in order to succeed and how to encompass all their skills.  We, as educators have to teach our students to be individuals, to highlight their strengths and to show them that it is okay if your project doesn’t look like everyone’s.

In order to do this and have our students succeed we must first teach them how to engage all of their senses-and get messy along the way! Children learn isso many different ways, not everyone will learn the same skill in the same way. We, as educators have to think about what skill we hope to teach our students at the end of an activity and work backwards. We will provide the students with a variety of materials and strategies to master the skills needed in life but we need to make sure our students master the process of learning those skills at their own pace.

In order to be able to teach this to our students, we as teachers need to go back to the classroom. We need to remember how much fun it is to create unique pieces or work. How much fun it is to get messy, to mess up and try again. We need to remember that even among us educators we are all different.