Our Programs

Core Programs - Yellow, Red and Blue Classes

Our core curriculum for our preschool students is designed to be both child-centered and inspiring. Your child will be an active participant in a variety of developmentally appropriate activities to meet the individual needs of your child. A hands-on learning environment offers students opportunities to experiment, ask questions, test theories and make new discoveries. Through the years at Mountain Top, your child will learn to express emotions, develop social skills, respect others and develop strong cognitive, physical and language skills  through process-oriented lessons.

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Winter Session: Orange Class

Starting in January, we have the perfect class for your school-ready toddler. Engage them in a half-school year program designed to foster introductory school skills such as sharing, empathy and group activities. Our youngest students are given room to explore and engage in age appropriate play guided by kind and experienced early childhood teachers.

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Mommy & Me

It’s never too early to introduce your child to the Mountain Top community. Free Mommy & Me classes start at 6 months and focus on the developing toddler.  Enjoy this special time for the child and caregiver in a stimulating and age appropriate environment.

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Toddlers-in-Transition Class

Toddlers-in-Transition is a unique program developed to slowly introduce the routines of the classroom and parent separation to the student and care-giver.

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In-School Specials

The arts are an integral part of our curriculum and are woven into classroom lessons for all ages. Yoga, arts and crafts, music, library and creative movement enhance and reinforce lessons of self for the developing student.

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After-School Enrichments

Mountain Top is truly a full-day program designed to engage your child all day long. Enrichments are held on-site, after school and open to all ages. We offer a wide range of activities to stimulate any inquisitive child.

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K-2 After-School Enrichments


A brand new program focused on kindergarten, first and second graders to enhance their day. Join us after school for unique programs perfectly suited for the young mind.

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Before & After Care

We understand the needs of families are different, that’s why we open our doors at 7am and don’t close them again until 6pm every day.  Mountain Top  offers a before and after school program to meet the schedules of any modern family.

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