Pre-School and Kindergarten Programs

Two's (25 - 36 months)

Our two-year-old program creates a warm, nurturing and supportive class environment for your child.  Building trust outside the home is a new experience for many children so our teachers are committed to helping them realize that school is a safe and caring place to learn and play. Social skills are developed through exploration, play, music, arts and crafts and group activities. Children will learn to respect each others feelings and work as they assert their independence.

3 Year Olds

Our three-year-old program emphasizes developing social skills such as making friends, sharing and taking turns. This comprehensive program stresses the child’s individual development and his or her understanding of the world. By exploring nature, the seasons, the community and the family, the children become more aware of themselves, their environment and others. Mountain Top provides experiences for your child to develop essential pre-writing and fine motor skills. Areas of emphasis include socialization, self-help skills, problem-solving and language development through hands-on exploration.

4 Year Olds

Our four-year-old program is designed to prepare your child for Kindergarten. Our content-rich and developmentally appropriate curriculum involves your child in new challenges through problem-solving, listening and accepting responsibility.  Each child is provided with opportunities to create, explore, discover and experiment to enable them to find their own unique place in the world. Our units of study are geared to introduce higher level educational experiences including math, science, social studies, language arts, literacy and creative arts.


Our Kindergarten curriculum introduces your children to ‘real’ school, while still offering the comfort and convenience of our nurturing community.  We use the foundations formed during our 4 year old units of study to produce a child that is ready to tackle everything that lies ahead in 1st grade.