After-School Enrichments

Programming does not stop at Mountain Top just because the school day is over!

We provide the opportunity for your child to stay for additional classes taught by industry professionals.

Three’s & Four’s Enrichment Program
Amazing Athletes is a sports based fitness program specifically designed for preschool children. We coach the basic fundamentals of nine major ball sports: football, basketball, soccer, volleyball, baseball, hockey, lacrosse, tennis and golf. We also teach developmental skills such as eye-hand coordination, gross and fine motor skills, cardio, muscle tone, speed and agility.

A Creative Mess will allow your child to experience an exciting visual arts program and create frame worthy masterpieces. Art lessons  will focus on a variety of artists, books and techniques.   The classes are are specifically designed for the preschool child. Our program is presented in a process-oriented manner. The class taps the intrinsic curiosity of each child allowing them freedom of creative expression as they apply these techniques to create their own masterpieces. Using studio quality materials, this class will keep even the most ingenious and spirited child engaged.

STEM Science uses science activities to help explore the world around us. Through experimentation and questioning, our children gain a deeper understanding of how things work; what our senses are used for; and what you can do with simple materials. Hands-on learning is the key to this fun, engaging class. Mountain Top teacher led enrichment.

Gotta Dance classes are high-energy, movement-based and age-appropriate. Each class begins with a warm-up followed by creative movement to build balance, motor skills, and social skills. Our dance educators use fun, educational props to engage preschoolers and teach self-control, simple ballet dance movements and dance terminology. Preschoolers develop strength in their large muscle groups and discover the joy and freedom in movement. Skills learned in class are reinforced by coloring pages in our Daisy and Danny the Dancer coloring books that each dancer receives.

Little Chefs stirs up your child’s culinary imagination with fun, developmentally appropriate cooking experiences. This program introduces young chefs to recipes, ingredients, cooking vocabulary, kitchen tools, and the importance of a healthy diet. Children will learn about the food groups and how important it is to eat fruits and vegetables to stay strong and healthy. Math and science are an integral part of cooking as well. Recipes will be 100% nut free. Bon Appetit. Mountain Top teacher led enrichment.


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