K-2 After School Enrichments

Our After School Enrichments are tailored to support an elementary school curriculum, including past programs such as these:

Amazing Athletes Warriors
The Amazing Warriors Program introduces children to various athletics through non-competitive, skill-based activities. Children can enjoy physical activities and learn about sports without the heavy pressure to perform that often comes from organized athletics.


Cooking With Science
Children will whip up recipes while learning the science behind chemical reactions and how things work. Through experimentation and questing, children gain a deeper understanding of how things work, what our sense are used for, and what you can learn with simple materials. Children will also learn kitchen safey and different cooking techniques.


Wee Little Arts
This ground breaking visual arts program, led by professional artists, is dedicated to engaging and empowering children through their discovery process. Wee Little Arts fosters creativity in students and encourages the development of critical thinking and fine motor skills. All lessons are reinforced with art history and age-appropriate children’s literature. Students will create frame worthy masterpieces!


Bricks 4 Kidz
In this hands-on class, students design and construct new models each week based on exciting themes from space to sports, amusement parks to animals. Students build unique creations and have loads of fun using LEGO bricks with a curriculum based on math, science, physics, engineering, and social studies. Children will develop an appreciation for how things work, while fostering teamwork and unleashing creativity.

Magesh Chess
Calling all kings, queens, knights, and bishops! Chess helps develop critical reasoning skills, improves academic performance and builds sportsmanship, self-confidence, and discipline. Each class includes a fun mix of more formal instruction, practical exercises, and playing opportunities. All skill levels are welcome.