In-Class Specials

Specials are an integral part of our student’s education at Mountain Top.  We meet weekly to enhance the classroom’s daily routine by introducing students to new teachers and hands-on experiences.

Sample specials may include:

Each child will have an opportunity to learn basic computer skills. Developmentally appropriate computer software is used to enhance each child’s learning and to foster problem solving and critical thinking skills. A fun-filled, nurturing computer-learning environment promotes independent and creative thinking.

The library is a place where children can relax and enjoy the wonderful world of children’s literature. We read books to introduce new ideas, develop pre-reading skills, help children deal with problems, and mostly, develop a love of books. Flannel boards and puppets are used to enhance the program. The Library teacher works with the classroom teachers to reinforce themes being covered in the classroom. In addition, holidays are covered during library time, and topics such as nursery rhymes and manners are included in the curriculum. Red & Blue Class participation.

Children are introduced to the basic elements of sound and exposed to many facets of the musical experience, including singing, dancing, and rhythmic movement, focused listening and creating and playing simple instruments.

The gentle stretches of each pose, presented in a fun and playful environment, encourages muscular/skeletal development and improves strength, balance and body awareness. In addition, yoga enhances small and large motor development and increases flexibility.