Infant & Toddler Program

Infants: 6 weeks - 15 months

Our youngest students have their very own brand new classroom here at Mountain Top School! Our class is designed with the needs of the individual baby in mind with the classroom providing designated spaces for napping, eating, changing and playing! Parents and teachers work together to develop individual routines and schedules for each infant. As partners together we can create a loving space for your baby to thrive.

Each baby follows their own schedule for meals and nap time.  Play is a baby’s work and is an active form of learning.  A baby’s work engages their senses, brain and body by working on their motor skills, social-emotional skills, cognitive and emerging language skills. Babies will enjoy exploring their new environment by going on stroller walks throughout their days.

Our loving and highly trained teachers take great care of your baby but they are also there for you as a parent. We believe that raising a child is a joint partnership, and communication between teacher and parent is key.

Toddlers: 16 - 24 months

This cozy classroom is just the right spot for new walkers who are ready to explore their world. Toddlers are gaining independence and developing rapidly. Our preschool early education program provides a balance between nurturing these little ones and encouraging exploration of the world around them. Being a toddler is a very busy time and this class definitely meets the challenge. Our developmentally-appropriate toddler curriculum focuses on social and emotional skills, language, and cognitive, physical, and creative development. Our teachers help children to learn about themselves, relate to others, and explore and learn about their world. Values and holidays are interspersed throughout our curriculum through song, play, stories, music and fun.

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